10 Year Anniversary Approaches: Leadership Visit 2023

The Chamber is excited to be hosting a delegation of community business leaders and elected officials as we visit Madison, Wisconsin for the 10th Annual Leadership Visit. What began as a small delegation to Knoxville, Tennessee in 2013 has grown into a delegation of 70+ constituents from Columbia and Boone County, we have looked at 9 communities in the continental U.S. and brought back many programs. From workforce development to town and gown relations, the impact of these trips truly cannot be overstated.

Why Madison?

This year the Chamber invites you to join us on Tuesday, September 19th to Thursday, September 21st as we study the home of the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Madison has experienced several similarities to Columbia, as both the home to their State University and the County Seat Madison also shares a host of topics including Healthcare and Insurance as major economic drivers and houselessness as a community strategic focus.

Madison share’s our communities’ love for locally grown agricultural boasting the largest farmers market in the country. It also shares a love for the outdoors, with over 200 miles of trails and more parks per capita than any other city in the state of Wisconsin. While these things may seem disconnected from business every aspect of a community helps make up the social and economic drivers. We look forward to highlighting how their trail system has impacted business and workforce including their newly implemented public bus system and business encouragement for alternate modes of transportation.

During a pre-trip visit, Chamber staff met with with many speakers, including those involved in public art, transitional housing, workforce development efforts including graduate retention, and diversity recruitment. We will hear from experts in developing underserved areas and visit the home of Madison’s professional soccer team.

Every member of our business community is important during these impactful programs to the growth and development of Boone County. Leadership Visit has been created in conjunction with the Chamber’s Workforce Development division and the Early College partnership between Moberly Area Community College and the Columbia Public Schools. Relationships formed on these short trips that have led to the construction of mental health facilities between Reinhardt Construction and Burrell Behavioral Health. If you are passionate about the continued growth and development of Columbia and Boone Counties and are ready to contribute to our community’s future, please consider joining us.

Registration is now open and can be found here.


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