Chamber Using New Software to Get Members More Involved in Legislative Efforts

The Columbia Chamber of Commerce has begun to use VoterVoice software to involve our members in our legislative efforts. Through the VoterVoice program, Chamber staff can update members on the legislative issues that matter and simplify the process to contact elected officials. These alerts keep members updated on important developments in federal, state and local government without the need for hands-on tracking.

VoterVoice allows the Chamber to create an alert that contains detailed information about upcoming government activities. This alert will go directly to your email inbox. In this message, the Chamber will highlight a bill or policy that relates to the legislative goals for 2018 and is important to members. Most alerts have a link that allows you to learn more about the bill or policy.

All alerts will link directly to our Government Affairs page, which also utilizes VoterVoice. In the VoterVoice alert, staff will identify elected officials or leaders in our community that are important to the bill or policy at hand. The Government Affairs page will now display contact information for these officials. In addition to contact information, there will also be important points to emphasize when contacting our elected officials.

The Chamber’s first campaign focused on Senate Committee Substitute for Senate Bills 617, 611 & 667, which created an initial investment towards repairing Missouri’s failing infrastructure system and authorized the Missouri Department of Revenue to enter into the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (SSUTA). Staff was encouraged by the level of engagement that our members showed in supporting these measures and look forward to the continued involvement of our members.

The goal for the 2018 legislative session is to create a new VoterVoice campaign every week. Through these advocacy campaigns, you can directly help your Chamber’s legislative efforts. If you have an issue you believe the Chamber should inform other members about, please contact us at


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