Columbia Business Community Identifies Desired Attributes for Next Columbia City Manager

The Columbia business community has identified its top five attributes desired in Columbia’s next city manager. The Columbia Chamber of Commerce conducted a survey that was sent to 1,632 business professionals and Chamber members in the region. The survey asked respondents to rank 10 attributes of a City Manager in order from most to least important. The Chamber then took the results from that survey, and with continued input from the business community and Chamber leadership, condensed the results into five detailed attributes.

The results of the input process are as follows:

  1. Demonstrated success in working with essential community stakeholders, elected officials, and the business community
    • Maintain regular, reoccurring meetings and contact with community stakeholders
    • Receptive to input from community stakeholders
    • Proactive and strategic in requesting input from community stakeholders
  2. Significant financial experience with priority-based budgeting and knowledge of public financing process
    • Willing and able to align the budget with identified essential priorities such as public safety, infrastructure, and roads
  3. Demonstrated commitment to transparency and openness
    • Proactive in sharing information and processes
    • Responsive to media and public requests for information
  4. Strong record of fostering economic development
    • Experience working with company relocation and expansion
    • Reasonable and understanding of the regulatory effects on the local economy
  5. Responsive to and visible in the community they serve
    • Voluntarily participate in community events and activities
    • Regularly attend meetings and other relevant gatherings organized by community stakeholders

“The business community is one of the largest stakeholders in the city and we advocate for what Columbia needs to continue being a great place to conduct business,” Columbia Chamber of Commerce President Matt McCormick said. “To ensure Columbia continues to be a great place to simultaneously live and conduct business, we need a City Manager that embodies these attributes. These attributes will keep Columbia competitive on not just a state level, but on a national level as well.”

The Columbia Chamber of Commerce was established in 1905 and is a voluntary, member-supported organization of business, industrial and professional people who are dedicated to developing, promoting and maintaining a sound and healthy economic climate for Columbia. The Columbia Chamber of Commerce is recognized as a 5-Star Accredited Chamber by the United States Chamber of Commerce.


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