Columbia Chamber of Commerce Unveils Legislative Priorities to Improve Business Climate in Columbia

The Columbia Chamber of Commerce released its priorities for the current legislative session. The priorities and positions were carefully and strategically chosen based on the feedback from the businesses community, education entities, legislative members and community leaders. The Chamber’s priorities and positions focus on making Columbia more competitive and safer within the region, state and country.

“Columbia is in one of the best situations in the country to grow commerce,” Columbia Chamber of Commerce President Matt McCormick said. “Our priorities will make sure legislators know what’s important and necessary to keep Missouri on the forefront of the market.”

For the 2018 legislative session, the Chamber is focusing on education, better infrastructure as well as funding for roads, economic development, sales and use taxes and programs to monitor prescription drugs.

The Chamber’s 2018 legislative priorities are:

  1. Support stabilizing the funding for University of Missouri to help ensure the University can carry out its Mission.
  2. Support a sustainable funding plan for a comprehensive transportation system to better support Missouri’s economic growth, With a focus of advocating on rebuilding Interstate 70.
  3. Support the efforts in FY19 to expand education and training for the University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR)
  4. Continue to advance efforts to complete the Columbia Regional Airport Terminal Project.
  5. Support legislation that implements the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement. This legislation would help level the playing field between local retailers and their out-of-state competitors when it comes to use or sales taxes on internet and catalogue purchases made by consumers.
  6. Enact a statewide prescription drug monitoring program that lowers workforce drug abuse and insurance costs for employers.

“We are focused on making Columbia a better place to live, learn, work and play,” McCormick said. “When we achieve all of our objectives, business and the general public will be able to see a noticeable difference in the quality of life.”

For any questions about interviews or the Chamber’s priorities and positions, please contact Brad Johnson at (573) 817-9108 or email A copy of the Chamber’s 2018 Legislative Agenda is attached to the email. If you did not receive the attachment, please contact Brad.

The Columbia Chamber of Commerce was established in 1905 and is a voluntary, member-supported organization of business, industrial and professional people who are dedicated to developing, promoting and maintaining a sound and healthy economic climate for Columbia. The Columbia Chamber of Commerce is recognized as a 5-Star Accredited Chamber by the United States Chamber of Commerce which places it as one of the top operating chambers of commerce in the country.


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