Columbia Chamber of Commerce Urges Columbia City Council to Focus on Issues Important to Citizens

Polling numbers show the Columbia City Council is focusing on issues that are not important to the people of Columbia. The Columbia Chamber of Commerce conducted professional interactive voice response polling on April 28 with 1670 (+/- 3 percent) completed surveys from voters in each of the city’s six wards asking them about the direction of the city and infrastructure issues.

Here were the results of the polling:
Q: In your opinion, how important is it for the Columbia City Council to complete infrastructure projects that have been approved by voters?
56.53%            Very important
29.6%              Somewhat important
3.73%              Somewhat unimportant
2.67%              Very unimportant
7.47%              Don’t know/undecided

Q: City Councilman Ian Thomas has proposed a “road diet” be applied to Forum Boulevard. In your opinion, should Columbia resident tax dollars be spent on decreasing the amount of road space available to drivers along Forum Boulevard by reducing the number of lanes from four to two and building additional bike lanes along this busy stretch of road?
6.76%              Yes
71.27%            No
21.97%            Don’t know/undecided

“These numbers are clear that the council needs to focus on the important issues,” Chamber President Matt McCormick said. “As stated in our Local Agenda that was approved by our Board of Directors, they need to abide by the voters will on ballot measures. We ask that the council respect the outcome of the voter-approved projects.”

The business community has consistently taken hits from Columbia City Council. There has been a track record of ignoring projects and issues that citizens have voted on and what they deem important. This is not acceptable business practices and Columbia deserves better.

The Chamber is the voice of the business community and we will work to hold city council accountable for their actions.

“These polling numbers are surprising and telling of how Columbia citizens really feel and their expectations of the council.”

The Chamber urges council members to think about what’s best for Columbia, its business and what voters have voted on instead of thinking of their personal interest first.


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