Columbia Endorses Taxpayer Protection Amendment

Columbia Chamber of Commerce is the First Chamber to Endorse the Taxpayer Protection Amendment

The Columbia Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted and became the first Chamber in the state to endorse Constitutional Amendment 4 – the Taxpayer Protection Amendment. The constitutional amendment will be placed on the Tuesday, November 8 general election ballot. It will ask voters whether or not to prohibit a new state or local sales tax on any service or activity that was not already subject to a sales tax. The amendment aims to protect Missourians from the possibility of additional costs for services ranging from home or auto repairs to medical care or legal representation.

“At a time when the business community is thriving in Columbia and around Missouri, it is important that there are as few burdens placed on the community as possible,” Columbia Chamber of Commerce President Matt McCormick said. “We don’t believe an additional increase in sales tax would benefit the customer or the business owner.”

The two main concerns are this constitutional amendment would prohibit tax on services that have not been taxed before and that it will affect the amount of services businesses will offer. If costs of services are raised, individuals will be put into a position where they must choose whether or not they can afford to pay the extra fees. Ultimately, businesses will suffer. They will not be able to pay their employees and will be forced to provide less services than before. The trickledown effect will impact individuals because they will have less options to choose from.

Whether you are having your dog groomed, getting a haircut, or simply visiting the doctor, more money will be spent for the same service. This will deter people from spending money in Columbia or Missouri and cause them to spend it in another state.

“If Columbia wants to continue being competitive on a state and national level, we need to have a sales tax that doesn’t spread to more services and keep visitors from shopping here,” McCormick said.

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