Lawmakers Override Vetoes

Lawmakers Override More than Half of the Vetoes

Missouri lawmakers overturned most of Governor Jay Nixon’s 23 vetoes from the previous Regular Session. In all, the Legislature overrode the governor on a total of 13 vetoes on Wednesday, September 14th.

Concerning businesses, the Legislature failed to override Governor Nixon’s veto of a proposed law that would have allowed businesses to opt out of the federal E-Verify program. The program requires businesses with government contracts, tax breaks or grants to check whether job applicants are authorized to work in the U.S.

Two of the more well-known veto overrides included SB 1631, concerning voter identification, and SB 656, which would enable unlicensed carrying of a concealed weapon.

Ultimately, with the legislature’s override of the governor’s veto on the ID measure, voters will now decide whether or not Missourians will need to show a photo ID to vote in future elections. It will appear on the November ballot as Amendment 6.

After hours of impassioned and heated debate in both chambers, lawmakers overturned Gov. Nixon’s veto of the conceal carry bill. Effectively, it will allow most Missouri gun owners to carry a concealed firearm without a license. Previously, Missourians were required to take a set number of firearm training hours and then had to apply to their county sheriff’s office to obtain a permit that would allow them to legally conceal a firearm.

In addition to the widely publicized conceal carry and voter ID laws, the Legislature enacted other measures that will exempt certain types of farm data from having to comply with the state’s open records laws, and approved a tax break for farmers who receive federal disaster aid payments and allow some Missouri Medicaid patients to face new fees for missing doctors’ appointments or unnecessarily using emergency rooms.


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