Leadership Columbia learns about education and health care

After introductory sessions in January, the Leadership Columbia 2019 class began the first of its sessions built around specific industry areas in February, by exploring two of Columbia’s economic drivers: education and health care. Education day in early February allowed participants to explore topics within higher education and K-12, such as higher education offerings in Columbia, technical education and responsiveness to local industry needs, trends within the teaching profession, STEM and STEAM education in Columbia Public Schools, and more. The class toured a number of facilities and ended the day with a visit to the Planetarium at Rock Bridge High School. In late February, health care day afforded participants the opportunity to hear from a panel of local health care executives, including the collaboration which occurs between these health care entities. Class members had an opportunity to view an in-hospital trauma simulation, hear about cutting-edge research happening locally, and listen to a panel discuss trends and challenges in the provision of behavioral health care services.

The class will continue to meet twice per month through June, with the next two sessions focusing on Media and Social Services. To learn more about Leadership COlumbia, you can read about it here.


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