Lunch with a Leader: Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe

Mike Kehoe Addressing room

Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe joined the Columbia Chamber of Commerce at The State Historical Society of Missouri for the November installment of our Lunch with a Leader series.

Lunch with a Leader is a chance for our community to get face to face with our civic leaders, an opportunity that can be rare with our overhauled schedules. Lunch with a Leader gives our community a space to learn what our leaders do for them, why it’s essential, and how it impacts us all.

Attendees check-in in the lobby of the Center of Missouri

It was fitting for Lt. Gov. Kehoe to join us at the Center for Missouri Studies since he played a vital role in the bipartisan work to make SHSMO a reality.

90 attendees listened to Kehoe speak on his appreciation serving as lieutenant governor and his current projects, such as the potential hyperloop co-existing with maintaining existing roads.

Keeping Missouri Business in Missouri

With the holidays quickly arriving, Lt. Gov. Kehoe took the opportunity to explain The website connects Missouri businesses by recognizes local companies, producers, and manufacturers in each Missouri county. The site helps keep Missouri business in Missouri. Over 260 businesses are currently logged on the website with more joining every week. Kehoe suggested using this site to find a manufacturer for your own business, or the site can also help guide your holiday shopping.

Michele Batye with presenting sponsor Dave Griggs addresses the room

Lt. Gov. Kehoe gave a shout-out to our Chamber for their commitment to workforce development. He acknowledged Columbia’s presence at the capitol, and that the work does not go without reward. Kehoe encouraged business owners to take the day or the afternoon at the capitol. It makes the difference.

“I would absolutely encourage you to go down to the capitol. Columbia is known for having a great presence. It makes a great difference,” says Kehoe. 

Lt. Gov. Kehoe addresses the crowd

The Lunch with a Leader Series will continue into 2020! Stay on the lookout on our Facebook or events page for upcoming luncheons.

This event was sponsored by Presenting Sponsor Dave Griggs Flooring America; Location Sponsor The State Historical Center for Missouri Studies; Catering Sponsor Busch’s Catering 


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